Chicago you were awesome!

Thank you so much to the 1,000 men women and children that supported the inaugural Great Pink Run Chicago raising in excess of $110,000 to support the collaborative research efforts at the University of Chicago Ludwig Breast Center exploring metastatic disease.


As a Great Pink Run fundraiser we want you to assist you to raise as much as you can for your fantastic cause. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your fundraising page for Research a Cure.

Activate your page we sent to you on registration

Self-donate to your page to raise 120% more than those who don’t

  • It shows a commitment to the page and forms a benchmark for your donors to follow

Set a challenging but attainable fundraising goal

  • Remember you can always edit your goal at any stage to a higher or lower amount

Edit your fundraising story to increase donations by 59%

It tells your donors why you chose the charity


Add a profile picture to raise up to 50% more

It personalises the page and lets everyone know it is you
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Top Tip: Join a team to reach an even bigger audience.

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Keep your page updated

Share your journey with your donors

  • A bare fundraising page makes you look uninterested

Link your fitness apps (MapMyFitness, Strava, Fitbit) to your page

Add photos to keep your page active and display your progress

  • Those who already donated will enjoy seeing them and potential donors will gain an appreciation for your efforts

Top Tip: Use our social media integration to share your fitness updates on Facebook or Twitter

Thank your donors

It makes them feel valued
By thanking them your donor receives an email and has the chance to revisit your page.

Ask for a donation

Share your page on social media to reach as many people as possible https://bit.ly/2I7ROMX

  • Shared pages within 1 hour will raise 52% more

Send a personalised email to your friends or colleagues

  • Email will reach fewer people but you will get a higher donation value

Top Tip: Thank your donor on social media and your neutral friends might feel compelled to donate

Top Tip: Include your fundraising page in your email signature or out of office reply

Keep your page active after the event

Some people won’t donate until they know you have completed the event

  • 20% of donations come in after the event

Top Tip: Share your page after you complete the event with your result

Photos, Updates and Thank Yous

Small actions make BIG differences

  • Adding just one photo to your everydayhero fundraising page increases the average amount you raise by 10%, and increases the average number of donations on your page by 121% compared to those who do not upload photos.
  • Posting an update to your Supporter Page feed increases the average raised by 17% and increases the average number of donations by 121%
  • Sending Thank You emails increases the average amount raised by an incredible 80% and the average number of donations by 147%.
  • And if you do all of these, the results speak for themselves: a 264% increase in the average amount raised and 350% increase in the average number of donations!


How can I fundraise?

Everydayhero is the online fundraising platform supporting  Great Pink Run Chicago. Using everydayhero is safe and secure. Once you register on www.greatpinkrun.com, you will receive a specific Great Pink Run online Fundraising page which will automatically be set up for you if you wish to fundraise.

To access your page https://everydayhero.com/ie/sign-in. Please use the email you signed up with at the point of registration for the Great Pink Run. If you cannot remember your password please click “Forgot Your Password”. Once you access your page you can share your page with friends and family to encourage them to donate to you.

How do I setup my online fundraising page?

As part of your registration for the Great Pink Run, you will automatically receive an online fundraising page with everydayhero.

How do I link my fitness apps Fitbit, MapMyFitness & Strava to my everydayhero page?

Everydayhero is partnered with Fitbit, MapMyFitness & Strava which means you can link your fundraising page to these fitness apps and your page will then be updated every time you complete an activity. That way your donors can see how you’re getting on. Fundraisers who use this feature raise an average 46% more!

Linking your app to your page is easy, just follow the steps in this video – https://vimeo.com/195456147 for Fitbit, MapMyFitness and Strava.  

How can I get help with my Great Pink Run everydayhero fundraising page?

If you have any questions about the Great Pink Run please contact us at greatpinkrundublin@gmail.com

If you have an issue that is related to your Breast Cancer Ireland Great Pink Run everydayhero fundraising page, the dedicated everydayhero support team are available if you need help with your fundraising page, making a donation, or anything else relating to everydayhero.

Take a look at their FAQ’s at https://everydayherouk.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb#fundraiser-or-donor#welcome for all the technical advice, as well as their top tips for giving your fundraising a boost!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact help@everydayhero.ie or call 1890-92-99-44.

Run for them!

With 1 in 8 women developing the disease in their lifetime, everybody knows someone that has been affected, whether a family relative, friend, or member within the community – making it all the more important to continue investing in research to help transform breast cancer from often being a fatal disease to a long term treatable illness.

Thank you to our partners